EChO | Experimental Breathing Choir

EChO process is collective and immersive experience, where breathing becomes a canvas for self-discovery and connection. This community process explores the intricacies of breath and pre-verbal communication. Through innovative techniques, it invites participants to discover new dimensions of awareness, expression and relatedness, using breath as a shared language to foster unity.

Robert Bigus, Barbara Borkała, Dobrawa Borkała, Manana Chyb, Anna Jurkiewicz, Agata Mamczur, Olga Ozierańska, Nadia Szypilow, Aleksander Wawrzyniak
2018-2019 | Warsaw edition EChO | Eksperymentalny Chór Oddechowy

“Why “choir”, if it’s respiratory? What are they doing there if they do not sing? Every day, we don’t give breathing reflection. It is rare for anyone to think that we all and always breathe chorally,and our choir is made up not only of people, but all creatures, all fauna and flora, participating in gas exchange on and below the Earth’s surface. That we create a great unified respiratory community. Our small breathing community was born from the need to study the topic of breath in a practical way. We responded to an Open Call initiated by Dobrawa Borkała as part of her Breathing Symphony project. We met weekly during nine months experimenting with everything that is connected with breath, what results from it and what arises from it. Inhale and exhale, as well as what is between them - silence. Air intake, suction, choking, grunting, wheezing, noise, drone. Howling wind and wolf, slamming, barking, meowing. Scream, germs of speech and singing, sobbing, laughter. Finally, communication, communication at the most primary, emotional level. For us, the chorus teaches presence in one’s body and community. We can communicate a lot with breath - without words.”