invites us to recognize the profound Interconnectedness of all living beings. Breathing is an act of constant becoming, an exchange with the environment, an opening of the body to the world. The boundaries of an individual body are fluid, the constant movement of air molecules connects all of Earth’s organisms. The inner and the outer, the intimate and the collective, the personal and the political meet in respiration. Each breath we take not only sustains us but also influences and is influenced by the breaths of others. Every inhalation resonates with the exhalation of plants, which through photosynthesis, infuse the air with oxygen; a continuous cycle of giving and taking. This respiratory symbiosis teaches us the language of reciprocity. All breathing organisms are interdependent participants in the grand orchestra of life, as the artistic material is the air, which permeates us all. As we attune to the co-regulative quality of breath, we become aware of how our respiratory patterns naturally synchronize with those of others, we learn the art of presence, recognizing our shared responsibility. By cultivating breath awareness, we all contribute and co-create the COLLECTIVE ATMOSPHERE OF BREATHING. As our breath deeply influences our nervous system, we hold the power to consciously shape our feeling and thinking body, by regulating the rhythm and quality of our breathing. Since we engage in the act of breathing throughout our entire existence, mindfulness becomes a perpetual companion, infusing every facet of our life.

The project explores breathing as an artistic medium, It was initiated in 2015 and is shared via BREATHING SYMPHONY workshops, happenings and performances.